Ryutaro Endo/Chris Rechner: solos + duo

Ryutaro Endo/Chris Rechner: solos + duo

開場 19:30 開演 20:00
open 19:30 start 20:00

¥500 + 1D


Chris Rechner:

Ryutaro Endo:

遠藤隆太朗 Ryutaro Endo


Ryutaro Endo is a guitarist based in Tokyo. After studying Photography and Art, he transitioned his creative expression from photography into music. While being part of the Tokyo Avant-garde and improvisational scene, Endo keeps his music rooted in traditional styles such as Jazz and Blues, and performs diversely with various musicians. His solo, on the other hand, uses fundamental guitar tone which somewhat brings nostalgia but also searches for a new possibility at the same time.

クリス・レクナー Chris Rechner

Chris Rechner is a musician from Melbourne Australia, currently based in Japan. Primarily a guitarist, he has played in a number of settings, notably the half-composed/half-improvised avant-rock guitar duo Cicada(horse), with which he toured Japan in 2015. He has also written music for classical chamber ensembles and soloists, some of which was featured at Forest Collective concerts in Melbourne in 2013 and 2015. Recently he has been focusing on performing solo, improvisation and collaborations.