Kinkan Publishing Co., Ltd. published Kiyoshi Niiyama's photo collection "At the Tidal Flats" in September this year.
The book was produced in the wake of the Kiyoshi Niiyama exhibition "At the Tidal Flats" held at the end of last year to commemorate the 110th anniversary of his birth.
"At the Tidal Flats" is a collection of photographs taken by Kiyoshi Niiyama (1911-1969) at Imazu Beach in Ehime, his hometown, when he was back home for a while after the war.
The book contains 15 vintage prints by Kiyoshi Niiyama and text by Yu Shinoda (photographer), and was designed by Motomasa Saito (NUUMOON.).This is a book you should pick up and look at.

→新山清写真集『干潟にて』Kiyoshi Niiyama "At the Tidal Flats"
→生誕110年記念 新山清写真展「干潟にて」Kiyoshi Niiyama "At the Tidal Flats"
→新山清 Kiyoshi Niiyama
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